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A zipper bag is a type of bag with a snap lock - swipe the edge when it is necessary to seal the mouth of the bag, but it is not fixed but can be opened and closed to use the product contained inside easily

Silver zipper bag

A silver zipper bag is a thick bag, coated with silver outside. This bag is used quite a lot in using to store liquid and powdered foods... This type of packaging is quick to absorb and is not visible inside, so it helps to block light very well. When storing liquid foods, silver zippers are considered top quality as they are quick to stick, absorb, rust, and are extremely tough.

Food Zipper Bag

Food Zipp bags help protect fruit and food fresh and avoid the influence of external influences such as light, moisture, and air. Vegetables and fruits are always fresh and delicious, avoid burning and moldy... The bag is made of high-quality plastic, and carefully handled, so it is safe for health and environment friendly.

Food preservation zipper bag

Zipper bags are used to store food stored in the refrigerator, not attacked by insects or bacteria. In particular, the product is designed to be versatile and can be used to defrost food in high-temperature environments such as microwave ovens. The bag comes in a compact, beautiful box, with many sizes to fit your food according to the right portion. The clear white color makes it easy to classify foods as desired.

Milk tea stand bottom zipper bag

With the idea of ​​keeping milk tea in a vertical bottom zipper, the product has become strangely popular. Drinking milk tea in a Zipper bag has become a trend among young people. The origin of this trend is Saigon. Then spread to Da Nang and many other big cities in the country. It has become a new culinary style.

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