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Vietnam is an agricultural country with large rice production not only for domestic consumption but also for export. The rice market is always very active and competitive. Therefore, rice businesses should have quality packaging. Both to increase the storage time of rice, and to attract the eyes of customers.

Samples of rice packaging usually have several structures such as uncoated PP woven bag + PE lined bag, BOPP coated PP woven bag. They are popular for the following reasons:

PP woven fabric is tough and durable

Non-toxic and can be sterilized and repelled

BOPP laminate enhances physical and mechanical properties, moisture resistance

Using more PE-lined bags enhances the ability to preserve rice, avoiding spillage

Rice packaging can be printed by flexographic or gravure printing:

Flexo printing: low cost, can print on many types of packaging with beautiful, sharp colors. The only downside is that only illustrations and text can be printed.

Gravure printing has the advantage of image quality when it comes to printing images with photographic quality. Its disadvantages include that it can only print on BOPP coatings or non-woven films and the high cost of the printing roller.

Quality rice packaging production facility

Tam Thanh Industrial Joint Stock Company specializes in manufacturing packaging in Hanoi. We use quality raw materials that are carefully selected and processed on advanced technological lines. With us, you can be assured of the quality of the product and the quality of the printing.

Contact us for advice, quotes, order printing, and some incentives:

Tam Thanh Industrial Joint Stock Company

PP factory: Ngoc Dong Village – Da Ton Commune – Gia Lam District – City

Hotline: 0904.592.386



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