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Styrofoam bags, also known as plastic bags, plastic bags, are a type of packaging that is very popular with sellers and buyers in supermarkets, markets or even shops.


Plastic bags were originally made from Polyamide plastic or PA for short. Later, plastic bags were expanded to call plastic bags in general with a simple design, used to store things when buying.

Plastic bags are produced in a variety of designs and colors

Plastic bags are produced in a variety of designs and colors

PA resin is soft, smooth and waterproof. It is also resistant to environmental influences such as sun, rain, mold and insects. In particular, its ability to withstand low temperatures and resist grease makes it extremely popular for making vacuum bags.

In addition, plastic bags can also be made from PP (polypropylene) or PE (polyethylene). PE is slightly stiffer and more durable than PA. It is slightly translucent and can absorb odors as well as let the odors absorb back into the food inside.

PP is different, it is durable, clear and has a high surface gloss. It has great mechanical strength but is prone to tearing when cut or punctured. PP plastic film is also resistant to oxygen, water vapor, grease and other gases. So PP is widely used as food packaging.

Production process of plastic bags

Going back to plastic bags, although there are many types of materials, in general, the production process of plastic bags has 2 main steps:

Film blowing process – roll forming

Blowing film – roll forming: this is the first step. Plastic beads are melted, blown through a blower, processed and rolled into rolls.

Cut the bag and make the finished product: the bag roll will be shaped like a hip. After that, the bag will be cut, made straps and bottom welded.

However, just the finished product is not enough. Businesses and retailers, should design and print for bags. Both to promote the brand and provide information to customers. Plastic bags are usually printed by gravure or offset printing technology.

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