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A Jumbo bag, also known as a big bag, the jumbo big bag... is a type of large-sized container for storing and transporting products in large volumes such as soil, sand, cement, wood mulch, plastic beads, etc. agricultural products… Jumbo bags are made from woven PP plastic with a normal load of 500 - 2,000Kg. Common types of Jumbo bags:

– jumbo bag with intake manifold lid

– Jumbo bag with 3 -side-open lid

– Jumbo bags with lids

– Jumbo bags with bottom discharge

– Instant bottom Jumbo bag…

The size of the bag depends on the volume of the product to be contained and the customer's request.

One of the most used bags or bags in the construction and agricultural industries is the Jumbo Bag (FIBC for short). Many people may be hearing this name for the first time, but surely everyone has seen this bag at least once.

  Referring to the name Jumbo Bag, you can already think of something very big. That's right. Jumbo Bag is a very large bag used to hold a lot of things and has small things such as construction sand, cement, fertilizer, and grain... Previously, the Jumbo bag was made from PVC rubber. But with modern technology and development, people have found a new material called Polypropylene (PP for short). From there, raw materials for production

Jumbo Bag is modified and woven with Polypropylene. Jumbo bags are woven flexibly to suit different needs and uses. Therefore, this type of bag usually has many sizes, including small ones, but most of them are large and have different weaving structures. The different construction of Jumbo Bags is due to the use of different weaving techniques by craftsmen using different weaving techniques. each other, there are small eyes, smaller eyes… to accommodate different types of products from small to large. Moreover, Jumbo bags also have the advantage that is recyclable, and environmentally friendly, so it is highly recommended to use.

Jumbo Bag is one of the best-selling products and is indispensable in the list of packaging products of Tam Thanh Company. To order Jumbo Bags or any other product, visit the website or you can call directly via hotline at 0904.592.386 available 24/7 to receive the best jumbo bag price.

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