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Fertilizer is a very sensitive product that easily absorbs moisture and becomes lumpy, wet, or watery, so the packaging must be specially designed to protect the product from the environment. Fertilizer packaging made of PP woven material is resistant and durable to protect the product inside from environmental factors such as moisture, rain, and other factors. On the market, there are many types of fertilizer bags with different designs and sizes. Depending on the type of fertilizer and the load of the packaging, choose the right material. The most advanced type of fertilizer packaging today is BOPP woven PP woven bag.

Types of fertilizer packaging

Types of woven PP

PP woven fabric has high mechanical strength, is quite stable, and has mechanical strength. In addition, thanks to the woven and interwoven fabric structure, the packaging can withstand horizontal, vertical, and tensile forces. And the most important is the impact force. With this structure, PP woven fertilizer packaging will always be guaranteed not to be damaged during transportation and use. Transparent PP fabric: Colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, transparent. It allows us to see directly the product inside, which helps to increase the reliability and improve the prestige of the product.

Perforated PP fabric: A product formed when adding a little additive to increase the ability to separate the PP layer. And help reduce costs. It also increases the mechanical strength of the fabric in certain aspects.

Using transparent PP fabric or opaque PP fabric directly affects the price of fertilizer packaging. So depending on the actual needs, the supplier will advise customers to choose the most appropriate material.

PP woven fertilizer packaging structure

PP woven fertilizer packaging, also using PP woven fabric to make bags, cage PE bags, fold the hips, and sew a splint at one end of the bag. Guaranteed protection and protection for the product inside.

Complex film fertilizer packaging (BOPP)


The BOPP film compound fertilizer bag has the following structure: PP woven fabric + PE coated + BOPP film. It is possible to add a PE bag inside, fold the hips, and sew a splint at one end of the bag. The PE-coated adhesive layer has the function of connecting the PP woven fabric layer and the BOPP film layer. The glue layer is also one of the factors that make BOPP film-coupled fertilizer bags more durable and tough.

There are 2 types of BOPP film, glossy BOPP film, and matte BOPP film. When printing on BOPP film, the image quality and content are very eye-catching and clear. This laminated packaging is well known for its performance, and water resistance. Quality assurance of packaged products in all climatic conditions.

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